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Classic Frozen Yoghurt Powder

Classic Frozen Yoghurt Powder

This classic frozen yoghurt powder mix has a smooth yoghurt taste and pleasant mouth feel. Made with Australian milk and real yoghurt cultures for a tangy creamy finish, frozen yoghurt fans of all ages will love this classic taste.

Using premium Australian quality milk

Suitable for Gravity and Pump machines

Chills faster than other products on the market

Longer melt down properties compared to other products on the market

Overrun of 35-45% in gravity fed machines and overrun of 60% in pump machines

Disperses easily in solution

Mix 1.5kg bag with 3.5L cold water and let stand for 10 minutes

Contains cultures that naturally occur in yoghurt powder

*Please note, Jack Frost Classic Frozen Yoghurt is only available made to order.